Make The Internet Fast Again


Make The Internet Fast Again! OR…12 Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Why is the Internet so slow? We pay for 100 Megs, right? Why is my maximum download speed under 10? I just want to download one picture of the grandkids. Why does it take so long? Sound familiar? Several things can cause slow […]

Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get


Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get OR…5 Ways To Stop Hackers In Their Tracks I am a hacker. After scouring one million IP addresses in the United States, I compiled a list of plump targets ripe for exploitation. (If you missed part 1, click here). While I wait for the rest of my scans […]

How The Internet Works

how the Internet works

How The Internet Works OR…Oh, Oh, It’s Magic! Hard to believe that the Internet is nearly 30 years old. Sure, AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy had dial-up available in major cities as early as 1989 to their own internal services, but most households didn’t use a Netscape browser across a modem line to reach the World […]

Guide To The Dark Web


Guide To The Dark Web OR…I Think I See Something The Dark Web is a section of the Internet “hidden” from the open Internet, the one we can search and access freely. These servers and networks are invitation-only and you must have the proper credentials to enter. Typically, it is a place where buying and […]

A One-Sided Cyberwar with Russia

A One-Sided Cyberwar with Russia OR That’s Not Yogi Nor Does He Want Your Pic-i-nic Baskets Am I the only one feeling early 80s vibes? What has possessed the superpowers of the world into this standoff? Beijing won’t stand by idly if things get hot, but not likely before the Olympics end on February 20th. […]

Wrangling and Securing IT Vendors

Cowboy Sunset

Wrangling and Securing IT Vendors OR Who Let the Intellectual Property Out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? No single vendor can provide every Information Technology need. I have worked with individual entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 companies, and none of them do it alone. Everyone needs outside vendors. The most basic needs require five vendors, and […]

Horror Stories – No Electricity

No Electricity

Horror Stories – No Electricity OR Pitch Black Electricity is like oxygen. You don’t think about it until you aren’t getting any. Sure, you have surge protectors, lightning arrestors, and uninterrupted power supplies, but that only keeps you going for the short term. Ask Montreal or New York what it was like to have NO electricity, at all, in the […]

Horror Stories – ZOMBIES!


Horror Stories – ZOMBIES! OR I Smell Bandwidth! I Want To Eat Your Bandwidth! It’s an age-old debate. Walkers or Runners? Brains or Flesh? Bandwidth or Backdoors? Well, the last refers to a different type of Zombie. These are the devices, either old or improperly configured, that devour your production Internet and network capacity or […]

Horror Stories – No Internet

Scary Internet Guy

Horror Stories – No Internet OR Offline, No One Can Hear You Scream The Cloud! How convenient! Our email and files are always available 100% of the time. The lowered costs of Dedicated Internet Access have afforded even small businesses redundant Internet connections from a phone carrier, cable company, wireless provider, or satellite. But what […]