What is a Firewall?

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What is a Firewall? The Internet’s Most Misunderstood Protection No security professional, IT guru, or shade tree PC tech will ever tell you to connect directly to the Internet unprotected. If you ask anyone, they will all say you need a firewall to protect your data and all the devices in your home or office. […]

10 (Mostly) Free Ways To Stop Robocalls and Spam

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10 (Mostly) Free Ways to Stop Robocalls and Spam How To Protect Yourself In Email and On the Phone The scams, hacks, and breaches that cost the average person and business the most money come through two of the most commonly used forms of communication. The first, you can probably guess, is email. Spam and […]

10 Tips Seniors Need To Avoid Scams


10 Tips Seniors Need To Avoid Scams Protect Yourself Online and In Real Life You’ve seen it all. The rise and fall of global superpowers. A dozen presidents. Technology the likes of which would have gotten your grandparents burned at the stake. OK, well maybe not the last one but things have definitely changed over […]

10 Teen Tips for Cyber Safety


10 Teen Tips for Cyber Safety Keeping Them Safe Online and IRL (In Real Life) You are special! The Under 18 crowd is one of the most targeted groups on the Internet. Teens and Tweens (8-12 year olds) are not just under constant bombardment from advertisers, but also hackers. We call them cyber criminals, threat […]

How The Internet Works

how the Internet works

How The Internet Works OR…Oh, Oh, It’s Magic! Hard to believe that the Internet is nearly 30 years old. Sure, AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy had dial-up available in major cities as early as 1989 to their own internal services, but most households didn’t use a Netscape browser across a modem line to reach the World […]

Why Password Managers Are Key

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Why Password Managers Are Key OR…I Forgot What I Forgot While certain password managers have recently suffered corporate side breaches, don’t let it dissuade you from them. Password managers can make your digital life easier and more secure. If breaches and the dark web doesn’t scare you, try this. Most new computers can crack weak […]

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Breaches

Consumer Breaches

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Breaches OR…Et tu, Best Buy? Consumer breaches occur when companies have personal or confidential data stolen, either from the inside or outside, resulting in that data becoming available on the open Internet or sold on the Dark Web (Read our Dark Web article). Breaches are the primary reason individual […]

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches

Tech Breaches

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches OR…Silence Is Acceptance Few fears keep pro techies awake at night more than breaches. We’ve heard the stories. Entire IT departments removed after either a breach or ransomware attack. IT Managers and Directors sued or indicted. Even a strong employee contract can’t protect you in some states. […]

7 Policy Changes To Prevent Corporate Breaches

Executive Breaches

7 Policy Changes to Prevent Corporate Breaches OR…Head-In-The-Sand Is NOT A Security Posture Home Depot and Target could not prevent corporate breaches, losing almost 100 million credit card records because of failed cybersecurity policy (Read about these breaches here). To this day, some people refuse to use their cards in either store. Losing trust is […]

Cyber Defense – The Meaning of Technology

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Cyber Defense – The Meaning of…Technology OR Not In Front of the Interns! Life is hard enough without constantly worrying about cybercrime. Did you know cybercrime is now the world’s third-largest economy? These enemies are state-funded and numerous, looking to steal your data, money, and put you completely out of business. You need Policy, Education, […]