Stop Corporate Data Thieves Cold

High resolution digital image of a man in a kitchen, early in the morning, opening a cabinet and unintentionally releasing a swarm of juvenile raccoons. The raccoons are streaming from the open cabinet, and several of them have jumped onto the man, including one that is covering his face like a mask, one perched on his leg, and several hanging off of his arms. The raccoons have also knocked over a box of macaroni, and a can of tuna, because they are awful little creatures who have no respect for other people's things. The eye of the man is just visible beneath the raccoon covering his face, and his surprise and terror are obvious. Kitchen bathed in a warm golden morning light, and an Italian style coffee pot is sitting on the stove. Thieves

Stop Corporate Data Thieves Cold Help To Restore Your Peace of Mind Not every employee and asset in your office works for you. Sure, there are those who secretly surf the web or watch videos all day. Those are petty thieves compared to the real insider threats hiding in your organization. How did they get […]

Latest Breach Data Tells All

breach - The boss or CEO of a company holds a crystal ball while his employees gather around him to see what the future holds.

Latest Breach Data Tells All What We Can Learn From Others’ Failures Verizon recently released its 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report. You can find it here (Link). The report covers over 30,000 incidents, of which over 10,000 were deemed actual breaches. To clarify, their percentages do overlap, so don’t roast me when I quote numbers […]

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Data Leaks

Toddler leaks a snack all over the floor, but seems content to eat it anyways

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Data Leaks Clean Up On Aisle 5! Your company leaks data constantly. How do I know? Recently, my team and I trained with a world-renowned hacker, PenTester, and bug hunter to learn the latest threats. Some targets you could guess. But, he opened our eyes to some sneaky tactics that […]

10 Privacy Tips for Business Owners

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10 Privacy Tips for Business Owners Limit What You Share To Protect Your Business For business owners, privacy can be difficult. Growing a business requires leaving your desk, meeting new people, and seizing opportunities when they come along. As a business leader, you’ve read all the books. You walked in the shadows of giants who […]

“C” Is For Clueless


“C” Is For Clueless Why Executives Fail Miserably With Cybersecurity WARNING! The United States Federal Government is coming for you. When you fail to properly protect your data, you can and will be sued or fined. As we’ve seen, no company is immune from cyberattack or data breach. Some states are also holding companies accountable […]

Hacker Series – In Real Life


Hacker Series – In Real Life OR…5 Ways To Thwart Physical Hacks I am a hacker. Sure, I prefer to sit in my sweatpants at my computer and steal your data, but sometimes I have to get my hands dirty. Sometimes I have to find a way into your system that doesn’t just involve the […]

Hacker Series – Exit Strategy


Hacker Series – Exit Strategy OR…5 Ways To Keep Your Insides Inside I am a hacker and I am in your corporate computer network. The great thing about computer networks is all computers in the whole company are connected to every other computer. It’s also the bad thing. Because I was able to gain access […]

Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get


Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get OR…5 Ways To Stop Hackers In Their Tracks I am a hacker. After scouring one million IP addresses in the United States, I compiled a list of plump targets ripe for exploitation. (If you missed part 1, click here). While I wait for the rest of my scans […]

Hacker Series – How I Met Your Data

Hacker Series – How I Met Your Data OR…5 Ways To Keep Hackers Out I am a hacker. Collectively, my friends and I stole, or at least disrupted, several trillion dollars last year to finance physical war, our countries, and ourselves. Who Am I? I am a nameless, faceless person at a keyboard, almost always […]

Cyber Defense – The Meaning of Technology

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Cyber Defense – The Meaning of…Technology OR Not In Front of the Interns! Life is hard enough without constantly worrying about cybercrime. Did you know cybercrime is now the world’s third-largest economy? These enemies are state-funded and numerous, looking to steal your data, money, and put you completely out of business. You need Policy, Education, […]