The Time of Your (IT) Life


The Time of Your (IT) Life Synchronizing Your Logs For Fun and Profit Time. The common enemy of all humans. It is unstoppable, uncontrollable, unforgiving, and unbelievably necessary to keep your IT systems functioning. No police box or DeLorean required. What time is it? Computer systems see time differently than we humans. Yes, they can […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of AI

The 7 Deadly Sins of AI OR…What’s In The BOOOX??? Surprise, there’s another division. Companies around the world are rushing off into AI territories to stake their claim while others are begging for a complete halt. You can bet the Sooners have already built neural networks much older and more advanced than they admit. That […]

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches

Tech Breaches

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches OR…Silence Is Acceptance Few fears keep pro techies awake at night more than breaches. We’ve heard the stories. Entire IT departments removed after either a breach or ransomware attack. IT Managers and Directors sued or indicted. Even a strong employee contract can’t protect you in some states. […]

Cybersecurity Foundations – Acceptable Use Policy

Cyber Policy

Cybersecurity Foundations – Acceptable Use Policy OR You Didn’t Say I Couldn’t Do It Cybersecurity, or security of any kind, is a vast and sometimes complicated orchestra of different technologies, departments, budgets, people, and policies. To someone unfamiliar, it can be similar to standing at the base of Mount Everest with a secure environment at […]

Wrangling and Securing IT Vendors

Cowboy Sunset

Wrangling and Securing IT Vendors OR Who Let the Intellectual Property Out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? No single vendor can provide every Information Technology need. I have worked with individual entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 companies, and none of them do it alone. Everyone needs outside vendors. The most basic needs require five vendors, and […]

Horror Stories – No People

Abandoned City

Horror Stories – No People OR Hello? Anybody? No, I don’t mean the Zombie Apocalypse has rendered the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an imploded pile of rubble. Of course, your mind went there. This is a specific recurring nightmare, keeping hiring managers and HR departments awake with cold sweats. Where have all the IT experts gone? […]

Cybersecurity Basics – Tech Lords

Cyber Security Tech

Cybersecurity Basics – Tech Lords OR My Other Car is a Police Call Box This three-part series covers the basics of cybersecurity for three different user levels. The final entry speaks to the administrators, the technical gurus that keep data flowing and businesses running. What wisdom can possibly be imparted upon such tech heads that they don’t […]