Prepare for Grid Failure

power grid failure

Prepare for Grid Failure OR…Hope You Bought A Can Opener Prepare for grid failure! A power grid failure could upset the balance of society. Don’t think so? Didn’t think Snowmageddon or Superstorm Sandy were possible either, did you? The US government acknowledges a problem exists, which means it’s already too late. The electrical grid recently […]

Cyber Defense – Kingdom Policies

Kingdom Policies

Cyber Defense – Kingdom Policies OR I Told Him We Already Got One The organization is a kingdom, and cybercrime has it under siege! Did you know cybercrime is now the world’s third-largest economy? These enemies are state-funded and numerous, looking to steal your data and money, and put you completely out of business. You […]

Unlocking the Cybersecurity Insurance Questionnaire

Walls closing in

Unlocking the Cybersecurity Insurance Questionnaire OR Insurance. Why does it always have to be insurance? Congratulations! our company survived whatever the heck you call the last two years. So, the storm isn’t over, but you made it this far, and you are well on your way to finding that treasure of financial success. Then, your […]