Top 10 Ways To Prevent Data Leaks

Toddler leaks a snack all over the floor, but seems content to eat it anyways

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Data Leaks Clean Up On Aisle 5! Your company leaks data constantly. How do I know? Recently, my team and I trained with a world-renowned hacker, PenTester, and bug hunter to learn the latest threats. Some targets you could guess. But, he opened our eyes to some sneaky tactics that […]

10 Privacy Tips Everyone Should Know

Girl trying to keep her internet data confidential typing password in secret

10 Privacy Tips Everyone Should Know Finding and Removing Open Source Intelligence Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress that privacy is dead. Failures by businesses, industries, and our own governments punctuate the reality. One of the best sources of information hackers, scammers, and pesky sales people use to find and harass you is called Open Source […]

“C” Is For Clueless


“C” Is For Clueless Why Executives Fail Miserably With Cybersecurity WARNING! The United States Federal Government is coming for you. When you fail to properly protect your data, you can and will be sued or fined. As we’ve seen, no company is immune from cyberattack or data breach. Some states are also holding companies accountable […]

Prepare for Grid Failure

power grid failure

Prepare for Grid Failure OR…Hope You Bought A Can Opener Prepare for grid failure! A power grid failure could upset the balance of society. Don’t think so? Didn’t think Snowmageddon or Superstorm Sandy were possible either, did you? The US government acknowledges a problem exists, which means it’s already too late. The electrical grid recently […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of AI

The 7 Deadly Sins of AI OR…What’s In The BOOOX??? Surprise, there’s another division. Companies around the world are rushing off into AI territories to stake their claim while others are begging for a complete halt. You can bet the Sooners have already built neural networks much older and more advanced than they admit. That […]

Why Password Managers Are Key

Desperate young woman trying to log into her computer forgot password

Why Password Managers Are Key OR…I Forgot What I Forgot While certain password managers have recently suffered corporate side breaches, don’t let it dissuade you from them. Password managers can make your digital life easier and more secure. If breaches and the dark web doesn’t scare you, try this. Most new computers can crack weak […]

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches

Tech Breaches

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches OR…Silence Is Acceptance Few fears keep pro techies awake at night more than breaches. We’ve heard the stories. Entire IT departments removed after either a breach or ransomware attack. IT Managers and Directors sued or indicted. Even a strong employee contract can’t protect you in some states. […]

Cybersecurity Foundations – Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Foundations – Business Continuity OR Who You Callin’ A Psycho? What happens if? Asking this question helps us keep a business (or household) going in the event of an “incident.” What is an incident? Oh, it could be anything that is outside the normal, day-to-day operations that disrupt life as we know it. Doesn’t need […]

Horror Stories – No Internet

Scary Internet Guy

Horror Stories – No Internet OR Offline, No One Can Hear You Scream The Cloud! How convenient! Our email and files are always available 100% of the time. The lowered costs of Dedicated Internet Access have afforded even small businesses redundant Internet connections from a phone carrier, cable company, wireless provider, or satellite. But what […]

Ransomware Survival – Part 3

Cyber Lock

Ransomware Survival – Part 3 OR Live, Work, but Don’t Repeat I had to plug in my Serious Keyboard for this post. When the dust settles and some semblance of normality has returned, it is time to understand what happened, how it happened, and how to prevent or mitigate a repeat. However, many small to […]