“C” Is For Clueless


“C” Is For Clueless Why Executives Fail Miserably With Cybersecurity WARNING! The United States Federal Government is coming for you. When you fail to properly protect your data, you can and will be sued or fined. As we’ve seen, no company is immune from cyberattack or data breach. Some states are also holding companies accountable […]

Hacker Series – In Real Life


Hacker Series – In Real Life OR…5 Ways To Thwart Physical Hacks I am a hacker. Sure, I prefer to sit in my sweatpants at my computer and steal your data, but sometimes I have to get my hands dirty. Sometimes I have to find a way into your system that doesn’t just involve the […]

Hacker Series – Exit Strategy


Hacker Series – Exit Strategy OR…5 Ways To Keep Your Insides Inside I am a hacker and I am in your corporate computer network. The great thing about computer networks is all computers in the whole company are connected to every other computer. It’s also the bad thing. Because I was able to gain access […]

Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get


Hacker Series – Playing Hard To Get OR…5 Ways To Stop Hackers In Their Tracks I am a hacker. After scouring one million IP addresses in the United States, I compiled a list of plump targets ripe for exploitation. (If you missed part 1, click here). While I wait for the rest of my scans […]

Hacker Series – How I Met Your Data

Hacker Series – How I Met Your Data OR…5 Ways To Keep Hackers Out I am a hacker. Collectively, my friends and I stole, or at least disrupted, several trillion dollars last year to finance physical war, our countries, and ourselves. Who Am I? I am a nameless, faceless person at a keyboard, almost always […]

Secure Banking Communications to Protect Consumers

Secure Banking

Secure Banking Communications to Protect Consumers This article was co-authored by Richard Koontz With consumer confidence at an all-time low and corporations placing profits over privacy, middle-class America is the biggest loser. Over 5.5 billion robocalls rang US phones in January 2023, according to Robokiller. Apparently, citizens are none the wiser to the scams. The […]

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Breaches

Consumer Breaches

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From Breaches OR…Et tu, Best Buy? Consumer breaches occur when companies have personal or confidential data stolen, either from the inside or outside, resulting in that data becoming available on the open Internet or sold on the Dark Web (Read our Dark Web article). Breaches are the primary reason individual […]

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches

Tech Breaches

11 Tips IT Managers Need To Stop Breaches OR…Silence Is Acceptance Few fears keep pro techies awake at night more than breaches. We’ve heard the stories. Entire IT departments removed after either a breach or ransomware attack. IT Managers and Directors sued or indicted. Even a strong employee contract can’t protect you in some states. […]

7 Policy Changes To Prevent Corporate Breaches

Executive Breaches

7 Policy Changes to Prevent Corporate Breaches OR…Head-In-The-Sand Is NOT A Security Posture Home Depot and Target could not prevent corporate breaches, losing almost 100 million credit card records because of failed cybersecurity policy (Read about these breaches here). To this day, some people refuse to use their cards in either store. Losing trust is […]